Blue Tortuga Photography  | Northern Colorado

Photography has always been a part of my life.  My grandfather toted his Nikon camera with him everywhere he went; always the one documenting our family’s daily lives and momentous occasions.  Since he and my grandmother gifted me my first Nikon in 2001, a graduation gift upon earning an Anthropology degree from Montana State University, I have done the same.  While my hopes of one day becoming a Margaret Mead of sorts may not have come to fruition, my love of people and culture and nature, and the art of capturing the human spirit in its most natural form has most definitely blossomed.

Blue Tortuga Photography is based in Northern Colorado.  I am a mostly natural light and natural lifestyle and travel photographer.  From the early morning calm of a marina to the dramatic shadows of a tree, from sleeping babies to vivacious toddlers, and from ramshackle cabins of yesteryear to the smoke rising from a tipi in northern Mongolia… It is my goal to capture the energy and emotion of any given time. It is my desire to find the beauty in everything and everyone that my camera focuses on.

”…because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.”